Be My Neighbor Sew Along, Block 2

In general, I’m not a ‘fallish’ kind of gal – but today’s kind of fall, I’ll take! I’m sharing the view outside my studio window this morning (from outside my studio window).  The sun is shining, upon my favorite little dappled willow tree, it’s cool enough for a sweatshirt but a jacket is not yet needed, and in spite of some rather noisy construction going on down the street – it truly is another beautiful day in my neighborhood!

My favorite tree, which we rescued from our local Menard’s store. Her trunk remains a little crooked, but she’s much straighter since spending her first three years with us braced with regular adjustments to make her more comfortable. Go figure, we have two kids with scoliosis, so we know a little something about how superfluous bends in one’s trunk can be a little uncomfortable when left unchecked.

Anyway, since I know you’re eager to get started with Block 2 for Moda’s Be My Neighbor sew along, I promised myself today’s post would be a quick one (plus I’ve got a zillion things to get to if I’m going to knock off a little early today and enjoy this great day). My Block:

Block 2 is the second half of the house from Block 1, including a tower, which I think looks fabulous in Juniper Berry’s Kelp Grunge.
Blocks 1 and 2 for Moda’s Be My Neighbor sew along.

The Grunges I used are as follows:

30150 265 Juniper Berry Red
30150 326 Salmon Rose
30150 350 Delft
30150 277 Mon Ami Gris Fonce
30150 97 Kelp
30150 354 Ash

Instructions for creating your very own version either like mine with the above listed Grunges, or whatever fabric your little heart desires are here:


Check it out…I’m getting better at simpler posts, which will hopefully allow me to connect here a little more frequently.

Next Up:

Block 3, which will involve a bit of a modification for my block. The pattern calls for a mailbox to be included, but since this next block is a bit of a special one for me, there’ll be something a little more suitable in place of the mailbox. More about that next time.

Until then, if you’re not in a rush, I thought you might enjoy a little tree song I used to sing with my kids when they were small. It’s short, downright simple, but like most everything Fred Rogers shared of himself over generations of being a caring neighbor – can create an opportunity for us to stop, think, and just be. Enjoy.

Mr. Fred Rogers and BYU Earth Day and Arbor Day Tree Tree Tree Tribute

Have a great week, unless our paths cross sooner 🙂



2 thoughts on “Be My Neighbor Sew Along, Block 2

    1. Oh yay! It is a fun little sew along. Things are extraordinarily busy in my world at the moment, so it’s a bit of a streeeeeetch to keep up, but the concept of this quilt just holds meaning to me, so it matters that I treat my participation like a gift to me, if that makes sense. Enjoy, enjoy, ENJOY!

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