Quilt Market 2023 Recap!

We Made it Through Quilt Market!

What a great trip! Sophie and I spent 5 whole days in the quilty world of International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas. Day 1 was learning in Schoolhouse sessions in the form of classes and new fabric collection sneak-peeks with some of the greatest.

The rest of the time was spent floating around various booths of fabric, patterns, and designers from old trusties to clever NEW ones. Also notably –

We basked in some much-needed girlfriend time, filled with so many laughs, lots of encouraging tips and ideas, and especially – the BEST made-to-order omelets, crisp bacon and GRITS with grape jelly. (I know. Grits with jelly? You should try it. AHHHmazing!)

Lyneen and Capi (the bookends in this photo) became some fast friends I met a few summers ago at a quilt retreat. Together, they lead a team at a fabulous shop in Noblesville, Indiana called Always in Stitches. Suffice to say, they’re some of the most supportive humans I’ve ever met! To my right in the photo is a friend I’ve known since my earliest days owning my little shop here in the Woods – Sarah Maxwell. She’s been designing fabrics and patterns for years, but has just recently joined Andover Fabrics with the launch of At Day’s End, which arrives in the Woods next June. This trip especially reminded me how lucky I am for her in my life.

Premier Schoolhouse – Tilda!

A big treat this year was Tone Finnanger of Tilda fabrics. She shared lots about the history of Tilda and also what’s coming next.

In the immediate future, there’s her 25th Anniversary collection: Jubilee.

Jubilee combines designs from several of Tone’s previous lines brought together in a new, out-of-this-world color palette. It’s expected to arrive to shops in time for Worldwide release on February 1. Look for preOrder launch in Serendipity Woods on December 15!

A new palette of Tilda Chambray Basics are also arriving in March 2024. (For me, it’s the aqua/teal, burgundy & ginger!)

And finally in Tilda’s World, we’ll be seeing some seasonal basics arriving next June! Above is the Autumn palette.

…and this one is the winter one. There’s also one for Spring and one for Summer too. Like you, we can’t wait.

What Else, What Else, What Else…

Oh! Here’s Something SWEET!

Look it’s my Jiggity Jig quilt pattern at Quilt Market! The short story is that some months back, I received a message from a very talented quilter named Peggy True, requesting permission to use my Jiggity Jig pattern to create a sample quilt for an upcoming collection by Paula Nadlestern, called What If? for Benartex Fabrics. As you can see, Peggy’s version called Field of Gems is an articulate example of fussy cutting brilliance I could not take my eyes off! Check my Instagram for more photos of this amazing quilt.

Crochet, Anyone?

As you may or may not know, I’ve been a crocheter since my gram taught me to make granny squares at 12. Ever since we visited H & H Americas last summer, I’ve had a bee in my bonnet to make amigurumi friends like the ones in a book I’ve been coveting for a while now, called Edward’s Menagerie. Long story short, I finally started a project during my travels!

Although this little friend of Sophie’s looks a bit like a lemon, it’s really expected to be a little baby chick, which I’ll finish over the upcoming weekend, if I can carve out some time. It’s a kit from a company called Circulo Yarns and suffice to say, you’ll be seeing much more of them as they arrive in the Woods very soon.

Something Extra Clever

On the very last day of Quilt Market as I was waiting to begin my pilgrimage toward the airport, I stumbled upon the neatest booth called Quilt My Design. Essentially, it’s a Danish company that creates the loveliest little designs with all the various fabric prints on one piece of fabric.

This little purse kit will be arriving soon and I cannot WAIT to make one!

Rejuvenation Achieved

While traveling to Quilt Market is always sort of a big hullabaloo, I never seem to come home without feeling a tremendous sense of rejuvenation. I get so many ideas, am inspired by spending time with old friends and meeting new ones, and just in general – wind up feeling so refreshed. My focus for what’s ahead in my creative life always feels reset, and this time may grow to include…

…a new Janome sewing machine, now that I know all about them, thanks to Capi’s personalized Janome school!

2 thoughts on “Quilt Market 2023 Recap!

  1. Thanks for the Quilt Market sharing…fun to read all about your experience. Glad to sign up to receive your blogs. Your red shirt is the perfect complement to Field of Gems. Nice picture! I feel that we are now friends, too! Besides a passion for beautiful fabrics, another connection……my extensive collection of bunny figures.
    Best to you, Peggy

    1. Ahhh, friends indeed, Peggy! It was such a treat to find your beautiful quilt in the Benartex booth. I’m so glad you reached out about Jiggity Jig and was just thrilled to see your intricate work featuring my pattern. Sophie sends her hellos to your bunny friends! 🩵

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