Meaningful ‘Fits’ From Within

In case you wondered where names, phrases, or just general vibes from the Woods begin, usually they start with a hard-stuck memory that’s part of me, beckoning to live once again in my real world for all time. Often (but not always) it’s a song…

As in ‘Love Grows (where my Rosemary goes…)’ – a Valentine’s Bundle I whipped up for making some pretty projects earlier this year.

…and also a recent bundle in the shop called Summer Breeze

…because I don’t know about you, but it sure ‘makes me feel fiiiine!’

Even the way we’ve always wrapped our orders from the very beginning of our days as a shop here in Serendipity Woods, doesn’t just represent wrapping for the sake of wrapping.

since ‘brown paper packages tied up with string’ has been quintessential tunage in my brain since my own childhood watching the Sound of Music. It just fits, you know?

So when I was mapping out the writing of my first pattern and also working to find a good name that ‘fit’…

Jiggity Jig’ was, for some reason, stuck in my head that day. So I threw it on as a temp name, just for the time being, until something better came along (I thought).

As I created the pattern, I began to ruminate over the origin of Jiggity Jig in the back of my mind. In general, it’s from a long ago nursery rhyme featuring a trip to market (to ‘buy a fat pig’ (?) then returning ‘home again, home again, Jiggity Jig’. While I don’t remember the nursery rhyme being a particularly memorable one from my childhood, I’ve always felt a unique warmth surrounding this nonsense term ‘Jiggity Jig’ which sort of means happy dance, I think, but I can’t say for sure. In essence, for me – perhaps it connects to a deep-seated sense that HOME represents my happiest place in terms of my people and this happy-dance-sort-of-life I love. Anyway, of course my Jiggity Jig pattern name stuck and remains a perfect fit for my first pattern.

So as I began chewing on names for my second pattern I decided to just let the deepest parts of my brain just mull over for a while, trusting that something *in here*, which somehow needed to be *out there* – would chime in.

Of note, intrinsic to the quilt design itself, there are diamond shapes surrounded by scrappy bits. These diamond shapes have long reminded me of windows.

When I think of windows, I think about a book I read many times to my children when they were small.

Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep, by Joyce Dunbar, is a story in which little Willa bunny has some trouble getting to sleep one night and seeks support from her very patient big brother, who helps her think about all the different happy things in her life for giving her peace to help her feel sleepy.

It’s a deeply charming book filled with gorgeous illustrations by Debi Gliori. Throughout the story, there are several endearing illustrations of the pair featured similarly to the above cover drawing, peering out the window of their warm, cozy home inside a tree. Several of my children loved this book so much and as a result – The images AND the story are pretty vivid in my memory and theirs.

Also as a result – we have a dear little cat who’s named Willa.

Like the the little bunny named Willa in the book, our Willa is sweet and a little silly too. She’s also a little insecure, needing reassurance from time to time. Hence, the name Willa fits her personality perfectly.

As for my new pattern, which features those ‘window’ blocks I mentioned earlier – I knew it needed a name that originated from someplace meaningful too. It needed to fit.

Did I mention that the big brother of Willa (the bunny in the book) has one of the most clever sounding names?

He’s called Willoughby…and of course, when Willoughby’s Window crossed into my headspace, my newest pattern had a name that fit perfectly. 🧵

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  1. Absolutely perfect. I love the name and the pattern is just so sweet and charming. Love it!

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