A Beautiful (yet insanely busy) Day in My Neighborhood, and Other Sew Along News

I know – it’s Monday.  That means it’s release day for Block 3 for the Moda Be My Neighbor Sew Along, and you know what? I’m ready, kind of; but I’m going to have to make it quick, because not only is it Block 3 Day for the Be My Neighbor project, there are also about a zillion other things going on this week, that I’m determined to cram in so I feel SUUUUUPER accomplished by Friday!

Okay – for starters, this 3rd block in our Be My Neighbor quilt should technically look pretty much like this (with your fabrics of course):

I get that it’s blurry – I zoomed it so you’d have a general idea.

We all remember, however, that I’m the weird girl though, right…and this quilt represents something a little different to me…which means that (as previously indicated) I was going to need a house that utilized Mon Ami’s Moutarde Grunge, so that it looked a little like a certain rather important house in my (favorite) neighborhood:

Mister Rogers’ House.

Now – you know that sound that a record makes when you pull the arm/needle across it as it’s spinning? Yeah, cue that.

The thing is, it has been crazy busy around here, and I’m a little behind.  So – my house is done, kind of:

Anyone that remembers Mister Rogers’ house remembers that he doesn’t need a mailbox, since Mr McFeely brings the mail right to the door, with a snappy little song to boot.

As you can see, my trolley-instead-of-a-mailbox still needs wheels, and there on the roof, my bird-that-won’t-actually-be-a-bird per se’ is still in ‘concept’ mode; but you can see the colors anyway.  I used the following Grunges:

Moutarde 30150 273

Juniper Berry Black 30150 165

Juniper Berry Red 30150 265

Boysenberry 30150 335

New Lemon 30150 321

Vanilla 30150 91

I’ll share the ‘bird’ grunges when I get to them. Hoping a little later this week. But for now – It’s been a busy week already and it’s only Monday!

Fig Tree’s Chestnut Street arrived today, and even though I was able to get it all unpacked, shelved and first bundles cut, I still need to snap some pretty pics in the daylight so I can get them listed. That’ll be tomorrow.

Next big day this week is Wednesday when Sweetwater’s Treehouse Club arrives. Nope – can’t wait for that one either!


The last big thing this week is that Modern Heritage BOM block 3 kits ship out on Thursday. Of course I can’t show you the full image of what they’ll look like, but I can give you a little sneak peek:


Anyway, I wanted to be sure you have the Block 3 blueprints before the day is done so you can get started on your next house.  They’re right here:  be-my-neighbor-block-3

I hope you’ll share your blocks and tag me @serendipitywoods so I can see your lovely work!  As always, be sure to also hashtag #ModaBeMyNeighbor so everyone can see your work too. Until next time –

Happy Sewing,





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