Pattern Errata

er·ra·tum  | \ e-ˈrä-təm. plural errata\ e-​ˈrä-​tə 

  1. an error in printing or writing.
    • a list of errors in a printed work discovered after printing and shown with corrections also: a page bearing such a list

In other words: Despite my best efforts to the contrary, I make mistakes! Here’s my OFFICIAL page for calling them to your attention as you embark upon creating with my quilt patterns. Two things before you move on:

a) I thank you for checking here first, as you begin any pattern I’ve written.

b) If you discover what you think may be an error in a pattern I’ve written and you don’t find a correction for it below – PLEASE feel comfortable reaching out to draw it to my attention. Know that I always want to know so I can correct it.

Jiggity Jig

At the start of the Cutting Instructions on page 1, where it indicates the needed squares for cutting Fabric D is (4), it should read that you need (12) – as shown below: