TBT: Pincushion Hygiene, aka – the Liberation of the Pin People

As you may have noticed, I’m in process of merging my previous (which will remain in place as soon as construction is complete) website, Serendipity Woods, with my new blog here at the Blog in Serendipity Woods. What I’m really saying is that my SW blog will be replaced with this one, and Serendipity Woods will stand as our website and eventual online storefront. With all of that being said, a good many of my blog posts there, will simply drop off into the abyss of irrelavancy; except some that mean something to the realm that is Serendipity Woods as we propel our little boat forward. Enter Throwback Thursday. Therefore, the following post is actually a repost, with which I think many of us can identify. Enjoy 🙂

Pincushion Hygiene, aka – the Liberation of the Pin People

This morning whilst guzzling – err, I mean, sipping – my first cup of coffee and planning out my day, I happened to glance over at the pincushion beside my sewing machine. The glance turned into a double take, followed by a long stare which involved leaning closer and closer, which was then followed by a not-so-flattering facial expression, and an even-less-flattering (rather disgusted) gasp. Pincushion All in an instant, I realized what a catch-all this formerly pretty little studio accessory had become. For starters – I hardly EVER use T-pins, and when I do (for macrame’), I only use one which is already pinned neatly to the top of my macrame’ board that lives nearby the pincushion. Weaving BoardSo why then, are there two standing like dictators in the middle of my center button? SAMSUNG CSC

Then I noticed a little matter of safety pins; four of them, standing one on each side, surrounding my little happy pin friends like guards.  I began to feel sorry for my otherwise cheerful (now dreadfully imprisoned) little sewing companions. Dusty Pincushion The thing is, since my discovery of a handy little lifesaver called Quilt Basting Spray, I no longer use safety pins to baste my quilts together, so their presence in my everyday pincushion is superfluous. My ShelfHow about all that dust? (I won’t share another picture…that would push us all over the edge, straight into repulsion – which might keep us from sewing ever again). My point? I’ve been neglectful. Fortunately, the inhabitants of the little island known as my pincushion have staged an uprising (with the help of my morning companion, Mr. Coffee, to catch my attention). Pin/Marble ReceptableFor starters, the T- Pin Dictators and their Safety Pin Guards have been sent to live in the land of the Spare Marble King. He’s a kind ruler, with much experience as the guardian of the Safety Pin People, without the need for additional rulers or guards. Clean Pincushion A quick once over from the Vacuum Patrol, and the island itself sprouts new life! Happy Pincushion IslandNow all that remains is the return of the Pin People to live out their useful days in harmony. Incidentally, the previously unmentioned Sewing Needle People have been allowed by the pins to reside in the button previously occupied by the T-Pin Guards – as long as they don’t get bossy.  Their accompanying Tangled Threads, however, have been banished to the bottomless pit called the Wastebasket, never to return.

Happy, harmonious sewing!


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