Serendipity Woods Shop Happenings

Whew! What a whirlwind of a July and already HALF of August! Happy Thursday, All. I'm inclined to apologize once again for how long I've been away from my CLH Blog, but as is abundantly clear to me now - the early dynamics of having a Quilt fabric business are more than a bit consuming! … Continue reading Serendipity Woods Shop Happenings

Farm Girl Fridays with Lori Holt!

Whew! This busy-ness of spring catches me by surprise every year.  Whether it's the lingering athletic activities (and the potluck provisions they involve), garden prep, or another graduating senior (we're on our 4th), I seem to forget the flurry of activity that goes on every year at this time. That aside, I have been able … Continue reading Farm Girl Fridays with Lori Holt!