My Pincushion Tutorial is Back – Revised & Refreshed!

Friends, when I think back to the many incarnations of my little world here in Serendipity Woods, I sometimes forget all the details of the earliest days way back in 2008, when it all began with my original (long-defunct) blog, along with a little Etsy shop where I sold things I made. There were tote … Continue reading My Pincushion Tutorial is Back – Revised & Refreshed!

Have Scraps? Need Scraps!

Let's face it: Everybody loves a good full collection fabric bundle.     We love the ease of not even having to think about assembling which fabrics we want to use for our quilt projects, leaning instead upon our favorite AMAZING designers to coordinate collections that look all matchy-matchy from the start, full of individual … Continue reading Have Scraps? Need Scraps!