Getting by, Persevering & a New Quilt Pattern

What kind of blogger lets weeks go by after releasing her first OFFICIAL quilt pattern, without OFFICIALLY sharing a blog post about it? I’ll give you one guess. At the end of the day, I am thrilled to pieces to share that my beloved Jiggity Jig quilt pattern is finally out in the world!

It was not, however, without many, many, MANY things that my friend, the Universe, decided I needed to learn along the way. I won’t bore you with the lengthy dissertation, but suffice to say, what I learned most is that there is a time for getting by (i.e. winging it to learn what I need to know to succeed at something), and there’s a time when (whilst I’m wrapped up in winging it, thinking I’m on the right track), I pick my head up to find the Universe looking at me, all like:

This is when I keep winging it for a while; you know – because I know what I’m doing and I can totally figure this out if I just keep propelling, doing the same thing. Until I stop.

“You’re going to make me take that class, aren’t you?” I finally mutter, out loud, in the direction of said Universe, who really does, in my head, possess a gentle, encouraging disposition (albeit a stubbornly unwavering one).

So again I say, long story short – I took the class; and the other one too. I then found myself exclaiming ‘EUREKA‘ more times than I can count. Then I wrote and rewrote, and illustrated and reillustrated, then revamped my illustrations. I sought the support of other dear friends smarter than I, that were willing to tell it to me straight when there was something I needed to fix, change, or ponder the meaning of. In the end (or the beginning, whatever I want to call the THIS stage), I remind myself every day that I still have lots of growing to do in pattern writing, but I’m feeling pretty darn grateful that the Universe kept pressing me to dig deeper so I could feel so great about this first one out of the gates.

All that said, now…NOW, I’m ready to celebrate with an extra Jiggity Jig (aka happy dance) project. Who’s with me?

As you may know/guess, Jiggity Jig is designed to be perfect for fat 16ths like the Bit by Bit Stash Builders I often use in my projects. In fact, the cover pattern uses 125 different ‘bits,’ for a maximum scrappy feel.

It’s also specifically designed to support fat 8th and fat quarters for those that seek a more curated/unified look, for using your favorite full collection bundles.

Some months ago, I was fortunate to receive an early release bundle of Windham Fabrics’ Eden collection by Sally Kelly,

which I’ve tinkered with all throughout writing Jiggity, making some sample blocks.

I decided the best way to feature Sally’s glorious prints was to pair them with Artisan Cotton Solids, for the ability to highlight the prints, whilst giving a place for the eye to rest throughout the quilt. Hence, Happy Dance, a fabric bundle was born.

I’ll also be starting a very low-key quilt along, featuring Jiggity Jig pattern. I’ll be using Eden and Happy Dance (a fat quarter bundle of each will be plenty, with some flexibility/leftovers). Beginning on Monday, April 27, I’ll be sharing a block a day for 25 days on my Instagram, using the hashtag #JiggityJigQAL. These are my first 4 blocks.

Are you inspired to join me? I hope so! Use fabrics from your stash, or share in my little Eden Happy Dance journey. A list of supplies you’ll need can be found HERE.

Of note, I want to re-emphasize that this is a low-key quilt along. Spring is a busy time for everyone and I’m no exception. but what is also true is that busy times such as these run the propensity of keeping us from creating at all, in exchange for getting sucked into doing ALL the things that may or may not involve a whole lot of personal creative outlets along the way. For me, one JIG block a day is doable and it keeps me feeling creatively fulfilled throughout the flurry of spring activities. I consider it creative meditation, by way of happy dancing my way through 25 cheerful quilt blocks; with our without external music. I can already hear the sound of the beat in my otherwise quiet studio.

Can you hear it too?

2 thoughts on “Getting by, Persevering & a New Quilt Pattern

  1. I’m so excited. I love this pattern and could NOT resist ordering both of your recommended fabric bundles for this beauty (along with the Thatched background and pattern.) FABULOUS ❣️ ❣️ ❣️ Looking forward to your Instagram postings. A true Happy Dance happening here, too.

    1. I’m so excited to have you on board for the Quilt Along, Erica! Mail just picked up, btw – so your Happy Dance treasures are officially on the way! <3

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