My Favorite Color Is Moda, with a Twist (complete with idiom segue)

Whenever it’s been a hot minute since I’ve written a post, I always feel like I need to somehow reflect over the time since the previous post, in an effort to bring some sort of continuity into the middle part. Because no one really wants to read one more word about the news of the last decade of a year (much less think about it), I thought it might be fun to just idiom my way straight through the middle, touching on the important bits, to get to today’s big news. Here goes:

to gloss over (something)

1. To minimize or omit something in order to obscure, conceal, or diminish the importance of something.

So what I mean is, I feel like skipping past…

the elephant in the room

1. A matter, problem, situation (or series of all three, multiplied by a hundred to the nth degree, in our collective case) of great importance but that is not discussed openly.

Moving on to about last October, I’d had about enough of

muddling through

1. A process by which one progresses through (something) without being properly prepared, equipped or skilled…

(because seriously – who could be prepared for THAT aforementioned HERD of elephants?)

I decided I needed a healthy distraction (and you need an idiom pitstop)

I knew my distraction needed to involve stealing away into my new studio, which is right next door to my shop, but hadn’t seen much of me throughout a very busy shop season. I pulled a starter palette together and embarked upon the Gnome Angel Kinship Fusion Sampler, a 100 blocks-in-100-days project. You can find out all about it here and I promise it’s so worth it!

my Kinship Fusion Sampler quilt palette, which became so many more fabrics, but this is where I started.

Sticking to a block per day for 100 days was not something I intended to force on myself at the time, but I did commit to gifting myself the freedom to truly explore an extreme scrappy project, upon which I’d very much been longing to embark.

Long story short (because folks, I’m still on my way to today’s bigger news) I finished my Kinship Quilt in late December, so overwhelmed with joy for the journey I’d gifted myself as a way toward (idiom resuming and…)

rising above

1. To adopt a better attitude in order to avoid being burdened or concerned with something.

Today marks 19 days into a new year. Lingering elephants aside, I’m beginning 2021 making last year’s distraction into this year’s focus. That begins with a slight challenge for a new personal (not necessarily shop-related) sew-along project launching today by Moda fabrics called My Favorite Color is Moda, that I’ve been planning to be a part of for several months.

Officially, I’m In! I’m calling it – My Favorite Color is Moda…with a twist…

The hitch is that it’s technically a solids project, designed with several options of Bella Solids palettes to choose from. While I love Bella Solids and they are indeed my favorite as solids go, the same could be said for Moda Fabrics in general. So, in honor of my scrappy commitment in 2021, My Favorite Color is Moda project will involve one last idiom called

marching to the beat of my own drum

(which I shall consider self explanatory)

Sophie and I have assembled together Jen Kingwell’s Grainline Wovens as a solid alternative (since we love texture!) and we’ll be mixing into our blocks a whole palette of our favorite past and present Moda prints too.

I’ll be focused on sticking to Moda’s schedule here, which mean you can find my block 1 on February 2nd at both our Serendipity Woods Instagram and Facebook pages. If you’re interested in joining the fun with a solids or scrappy version of your own, we’ve popped a few of the patterns in the shop right here. Be sure and use the #myfavoritecolorismoda hashtag for sharing. If you’ll be going the scrappy route with this project, won’t you please tag me @serendipitywoods so I can know we’re sharing the same scrappy drum? I’d love that.

And I love you too, in case the herd of elephants has you a bit over-muddled and you needed to hear that. It’s a new year with new scraps of hope to be sought, and tucked into our stashes for nourishing our rising above and marching on efforts when we need them. Chin up. Let the sun warm your face if you can manage it today. If not, tomorrow will be a new chance to try again. Scrap on.

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