Fabric Curator as a job description. That’s a thing, right?

Okay, so maybe it sounds like a made up name for someone who has a thing for pulling together a whole bunch of fabrics that all somehow work together in a quilt, but I feel like if I’m anything lately, it’s that – a Fabric Curator.

Early this summer, as explained in my previous post, I assembled another 72- piece bundle of fabrics and cut them all into 5″ squares.

2019 Summertime Stack

I’ve grown fond of calling them Happy Scrappy Stacks because it’s always my goal that they spark a joyful feeling from the sheer fact that there are so many different fabrics, and generally, they all seem to go together. Although I haven’t actually made one yet, I kitted up a low volume bundle to go along with the scrappy stacks and a darling little pattern called Sweet Kisses by Gigi’s Thimble.

Happy Scrappy Sweet Kisses Kit

Again with the assembly of a whole bunch of fabrics that somehow go together, you know? I like it. It’s like a THING I’m more and more driven to do lately. Strangely, although I’m still always working to carve out time for my quilt design work which, as shown below…

Current state of pattern development

…is still also ‘a thing,’ my current wandering purpose is in the curating of fabrics that sing a song together, so to speak.

Last year, Robin Pickens released the most heavenly collection of fabrics for Moda called Dandi-Annie.


Even though I opted to make this quilt from it:


which I made with Jen Kingwell’s Sun Tempter Templates, my Market treasure bundle of Dandi-Annie, and some Essex Linens – I was over the moon for a pattern Robin had developed that released with Dandi-Annie, called Positively Bohemian.


The trouble was finding the time to make it with the collection for which it was intended, and I just didn’t manage it. Ever since though, I’ve had this hankering to curate a happy scrappy bundle of yummy fabrics to make it.

Happy Scrappy Positively Bohemian Quilt


Plain and simple, I spend my days around fabrics that inspire me. Usually, it starts with one fabric; in this case – the red ‘landscapy’ fabric beneath Sophie in the above photo.


Then I just start pulling fabrics from there. If I’m lucky, I end up feeling overwhelmingly happy with the the prints that come together like little kindergarteners lining up for recess.

So you see: Curator of Fabric as a job description, whether it’s a thing out in the world or not – is a thing in my world. And for now, this wandering quiltmaker/designer/shopgirl is happy as a little brown bunny in her favorite Aqua dress!

In other – related – news: Does anyone remember my Gus Quilt from a few Halloweens ago, which was inspired by my favorite (happy not scary) Halloween children’s book, Gus Was a Friendly Ghost?

Gus Was A Friendly Ghost Book

For more on my original Gus quilt, see Here and Here, but to give you just a hint of the origin of it and how it began, below is the quilt tag I made for it, which includes my favorite page in this very treasured book.


Fast forward four years later:


I snapped the above photo yesterday (err…almost a week ago, since I’m just now getting a sec to finish this post!), after receiving a message from my friend Jessica with an idea, which led to more curating, and especially – a renewed remembrance of how much I still love Gus and need to make another quilt! I hope you’ll stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Fabric Curator as a job description. That’s a thing, right?

  1. Fabric curator…that’s the perfect job description for you. I love the way you put fabrics together in your scrappy little bundles. I can’t open them, though. They look so pretty sitting on my shelf on cupcake stands. I love Gus. I can’t wait to see what you make with that fabric. I love the colors.

    1. Aww – thanks for your encouraging words, Amanda. Lots of people have said the same thing to me about not being able to open the bundles I assemble. I can actually relate to that this very minute because I’m looking at a whole pyramid of Gus bundles (which will be going LIVE on Wednesday of this week in the shop!). They look so cute all together – I almost hate to part with them myself! <3

  2. I realize this is an older post but oh my gosh! You are so incredibly creative! I think fabric curator is the perfect title. All the fabrics look so cute together. I don’t even sew much but I would consider getting more into it after looking at these haha

    1. OH my goodness – what a gem you are, Rachel! I have literally been buried in building our new shop website, I’m just scrolling through messages today. Thank you for your so-very-sweet words. You remind me I also need to write again…which is on my docket. I have some important things to share! Tell me what you’re sewing now. I know you said you don’t sew much, but I hope you’ve got at least one project going. If not…you should pick one and embark! (did I inspire you? I hope so!)

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