Oh, the Bundles We Grow!

Well, it’s officially July – and the Summertime livin’ is still easy…except now I’m filling it up with more sewing projects!

On the heals of my recent introduction of our newest Happy Scrappy Stack additions in the shop – I wonder if it’s obvious enough that I kind of have a thing for assembling fabrics that cozy up comfortably with one another. What’s more, even though it does take a little time, I kind of get a kick out of cutting fabric up and assembling it into tidy little, inspiring bundles for you (and for me!).

Okay – so I get that it’s taken me a hot minute to introduce what the above IG-posted images are all about, but great things require time and evoooolving, friends!

…but first – the precursor.  Some time ago, I stumbled upon the cleverly arranged Moda Dessert Sampler quilt project:

Dessert Sampler Quilt

As you all know, scrappy rocks my world, especially when I think of summertime scrappy quilts for taking to the beach, picnicking in the park, or memories of camping with our (now big) kids. I love the slightly faded look and colors used in the original quilt design, but c’mon – you know me. I needed to come up with my own imprint of fabrics to use!

All that said, in truth – this quilt project is where my journey to assemble my Happy Scrappy Summertime Bundle for this year began. So, not only did the project evolve into the large, multi-palette bundles we introduced last week at the shop,

…but our growing ‘Curated Precut Bundles’ shop section is now also populated with some new additions!

Fiddle Strips™

Call them Jelly Rolls, Rolie Polies, Design Rolls – whatever you like…we call them Fiddle Strips, and like all the other Happy Scrappy bundles in the Woods, we precision cut these 2.5″ x wof strips by hand. They’re available in 12-piece rolls (that remind us of Fiddle Ferns, in case you’re wondering where the name comes from). At present, we’ve cut  a small batch in our signature color palettes, clockwise below, starting at upper right: Galapagos, Forest Floor, Hello, Plum, Whale Song, Whisper, and finally Rum Punch – which really ought to be enunciated like Mary Poppins says it: Rrrrrum Punch.

About that Dessert Sampler project mentioned previously – That’s where this image comes into play…

Nickel Strips Rolling Wide

they’re called…

Nickel Strips™

 …and by definition, they’re 5″ strips x WOF and they work great in patterns where 5″ squares are called for, particularly when the pattern requires more than one pack.

As for the Dessert Sampler Quilt Project that started this whole gig? Here’s my first block:

Dessert Sampler Block 1
Dessert Sampler Block 1

I’ll be using Nickel Strips of all 6 color Palettes to create my quilt, and have also made a few KITS available at the shop for anyone else who might be inspired to do so as well.

Dessert Sampler Kit
Dessert Sampler Kit – Serendipity Woods-Style!

Especially, I’m eager to get my feet wet with Miss Rosie’s Cake Mix Recipes, which are recommended for this project.  Though not new in the world of quilting, we thought they might be worthwhile to check out as Precuts (curated and otherwise) begin to ease with purpose into our shop in the coming months…

(did I say that out loud?)

Oh indeed – there are all sorts of new things on the horizon in the coming months!

(but shhhh. You didn’t hear it from me…)

Cheers and happy summertime sewing 🙂



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  1. I loved the dessert sampler quilt when I first saw photos of it, but didn’t bite. Now it’s too yummy to pass up! Are you doing an official sewalong for this and I missed it? See you in your shop!

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