New Happy Scrappy Bundles, a Simple Sew Along & Summertime vs Summer

Summertiiiime…and the livin’ is eeeeasy.

When I think of summertime, not ‘summer’ but ‘Summertime’ (because I think there’s a difference), I always think of that song; and I think of hot days, lemonade stands, and sprinklers.

Running through sprinkler
…and running through the sweeping ones like this one since that’s the kind we had when I was growing up in the 70s. I ran through it every day. Even broke the only bone I’ve ever broken (my collarbone) whilst running through the sprinkler. I won’t bore you with the story, but if you really want to know – feel free to ask!

Nowadays, I still fee like summertime should be as easy and carefree, bust when we’re grown ups, there’s no sprinkler just sitting there in the yard sweeping back and forth, inviting us to run through it.

Summertime becomes summer; just another season when life will move at the just the same rapid pace (or faster) than the other three seasons, as we rise every morning, flitter through responsibilities throughout our days, go to bed at night, only to start the same cycle over the next day. I don’t know about you, but I find that if I don’t seek out SUMMERTIME – which I define as the carefree, easy-breezy version of Summer, I will miss it.

This year – I’m determined not to miss it – and since I’m not so into running through sprinklers these days – I picked an easy sampler quilt to make that I intended to make a few years back (but conventional SUMMER got in my way).

Sampler Block Shuffle Patterns.jpg
Moda’s Sampler Block Shuffle is made up of 30 blocks, each designed by a different Moda fabric Designer. Did I mention they’re each just one small sheet of instructions? Summertiiiime, and the livin’ is eeeeasy. Yeah. That’s the vibe.


As a few of you might recall, I’ve been planning a ‘simple’ sew along for a minute or two. Thanks for being patient!

Screen Shot 2018-06-27 at 8.51.07 PM

And since you you guys knoooow pulling fabrics sometimes takes time, that led me to wonder if maybe I ought to put a few extra bundles together while I was at it…

Summertime Sweet Sixteenths Stack 1
I came up with 72 fabrics. You can see each fabric surrounding the stack of Sweet Sixteenths, which I usually roll into little doobies for the shop, but this time…Summertiiiime, and the livin’ is eeeeasy…A stack felt better. There are 12 of 6 different color ways.

So here are my first three blocks:

Summertime Sampler Block Shuffle Block 1
Block 1
Summertime Sampler Block Shuffle Block 2
Block 2
Summertime Sampler Block Shuffle Block 3
Block 3

Think you might like to join me for a little low-pressure Summertime Sew Along? Tell you what: Here are the first three patterns for the above 3 blocks:

Summertime Sampler Block Shuffle 1

Summertime Sampler Block Shuffle 2

Summertime Sampler Block Shuffle 3

and a little extra support for the easy corner triangles for block 3, in case you need it:

Easy Corner Triangles

See that – Summertime Easy.  so here’s how we’ll do this:

  • I’ll post 2- 3 blocks a week, throughout each week, starting next Monday – July 2, 2018. That will give you between now and then to organize your scraps or decide on a bundle you want to break into.
  • Want to use a  Sweet Sixteenths Stack like the one I’m using? There’s a limited number of them available in the shop HERE
  • “But what if the fabrics I want to use don’t arrive in time for Monday’s start day,” you ask?
    • Pish…SummerTime easy, remember? There’s no rush. These blocks are no nonsense. You’ll catch up quick!
  • If you scroll up to the top, you see a page dedicated to just this sew along, where you’d be able to find the patterns to the Moda Shuffler Blocks as I post them

Also, I should probably mention that as I was cutting extra Sweet Sixteenths Stacks of our Summertime Bundle, I got to thinking: What if I cut some other sized bundles at the same time? Remember this Instagram post?

SummerTime 5 Stacks in Progress

Yep. Happy Scrappy 5″ Stacks are now in the shop too.

2018 Summertime 5 Stack
72 – 5″ x 5″ cut bursts of creative sunshine (err…we mean fabulous fabrics for cutting up and sewing back together)

Which subsequently leads me to this Instagram photo I also posted:

Summertime Bundles In Progress
Are you a lover of joyful little rolls of scrappy strips? We’ve got you covered.

They’re on the way too, but in part, will be launching next week with another little project you might love.

Cheers and happy weekend SUMMERTIME-style sewing!


7 thoughts on “New Happy Scrappy Bundles, a Simple Sew Along & Summertime vs Summer

    1. Yes, Cate! You should join in!

      As for the song, I’m going to reveal a little something out loud here, brave-girl-style for all the world to know. My favorite version of Summertime (and the only reason I know the song at all, frankly) is by Barry Manilow, my childhood love. I saw him in concert for his Swing Street tour in 1987 (5th row center), and Summertime is a song on that album. It’s an equally croony version to Ella’s, and is actually a duet with Diane Schuur. (now I’m singing again;)

      1. I think I might have to!

        Anything Ella sings, the sound of her voice, immediately makes me think of my parents. They were both avid Ella fans when I was a kid. — your ‘87 Manilow phase was during my daughter’s toddler teething phase. I don’t miss that! Musically, I was probably listening to The Talking Heads then.

      2. Hey Pam… I think I went to high school with Diane Schuur! I believe she was ahead of me a grade or two so we weren’t acquainted but I remember her! Little trivia!

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