All I Need is Love…and a Little Sewing Time

Even though you probably didn’t notice – I took a little break over the holidays. In part, because it recent years I’ve put off my Christmas shopping until closer (read: dangerously close) to Christmas, so I had lots of shopping to do! But also because I think the holidays are a time to regroup, reset and lay out a plan for the New Year. Which I did…okay…am still doing, but it’s fine – I’m FINE!

Dana Scully - Your Point?
Interjection – Dana Scully, folks: ‘aaaaand – your point is? It’s February. That’s a January excuse.’

My point is that in taking a little break over the holidays – my catchup schedule has been more than a little insane! That means especially, that until late last week (yes the beginning of FEBRUARY) –  I have sewn a just a little, but have effectively completed a big fat NOTHING in terms of finished projects since before Christmas.

Well, that changed over the weekend (and YEP – there’s a bunny trail blurb coming…you know it’s coming…just go with it, friends…it’ll just take me a sec, I promise)

Have you met my friend, Robin Pickens? If not, you’ve difinitely seen her gorgeous collections around our shop:

The Poppy Mae collection, released in late 2016.
Blushing Peonies Circle With LogoJPEG
Robin’s current collection: Blushing Peonies, which arrived in the Woods in November.

from which I made this:

Blushing Peonies Cross the Scraps Quilt

Dear Mum Manufacturer Bundle with logo
And arriving in the Woods next month (March) – Robin’s Dear Mum collection.

As the above exemplifies, we love Robin’s designs! But aside from that, Robin is a friend that Sophie and I make a point to visit every time we attend Quilt Market.


Well, recently Robin tossed out the most awesome little gift to me (without knowing she was gifting me, specifically, anything): This lovely little  XOXO Heart Quilt Pattern 

Robin Pickens XXO Project
Here’s a snip of her project variations, but more gorgeous photos as well as how to get the free pattern can be found at her site, Robin Pickens.

and so…

Something JOYFUL to sew, I said!

As you might guess, for my project, I dipped into our Bit by Bit Stashbuilder bins to find a scrappy mix of reds, pinks and purples.

Doobies and Robin's Love Quilt Pattern

…and I started cutting…and laying out…and assembling…

…and pretty soon, my little LOVE project was on the Long Arm frame, getting the sweetest little heart design pattern I just discovered…

Robin Pickens Love Quilt Detail

…and then I needed the perfect binding in just the right shade of blushing peonies red

…and voila:

Robin Pickens Love Quilt With Sophie

I’m back on the sewing wagon, have some pretty new LOVE decor, and Sophie is really tickled to be all matchy-matchy in her favorite red dress.

Happy LOOOVE week, friends.  Make it a good one.

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