Have Scraps? Need Scraps!

Let’s face it: Everybody loves a good full collection fabric bundle.



We love the ease of not even having to think about assembling which fabrics we want to use for our quilt projects, leaning instead upon our favorite AMAZING designers to coordinate collections that look all matchy-matchy from the start, full of individual prints we love.

Chim Chim Chiree Quilt Charlotte Loves Henry for Serendipity Woods
You may recall my Chim Chim Chiree quilt, which was created with the Tuppence collection by the lovely Shannon Gillman Orr for Moda fabrics. In case you wondered, I’ve yet to find the time to fulfill my promise to get the pattern up, running and available as a printable for you, my sewing friends, but I promise – I’m working on it!

…and that is great. I LOVE full collection bundles, but the reality is this: Scraps. There are always leftovers of those bits we love that didn’t make it into the quilt we created.  Invariably, we covet them. We organize them. We hoard them!

Color Boxes Scraps Crazy Moms Quilt
Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts created these inspiring color coordinated bins from scraps for scraps!

…and again – THAT is great! But somewhere along the line – our ultimate goal is to create with them! That said, no matter how organized we are with our scraps, we sometimes struggle with the fact that it often takes a long time to build up enough scraps of certain colors we may want to use together to make a big quilt.

So I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately; the organizing of scraps and how we use them later…and how, just like people – scraps need friends to become the best they can be. And so, after what seems like a forever process of selecting fabrics we think will make for great FRIENDS to your scraps – we’re introducing in Serendipity Woods Shop our latest endeavor: Bit by Bit Stash Builder Bundles!

Bit by Bits Stashbuilder Bundles in Serendipity Woods Shop
Now available in Serendipity Woods Shop, for beefing up your color stash: Bit by Bit Stashbuilder bundles!

They feature our exclusive Sweet Sixteenths™ which are useful cuts of 9″ x 10″/11″, sweetly rolled into what we affectionately call ‘doobies’ here in the Woods, and available in colorways. You can select 20 piece, 30 piece or even 40 pieces of one color – ALL different prints.

At present (and just in time for your Valentine’s LOOOOVE projects) you can find Reds:

Bit by Bit Bundles Red in Serendipity Woods Shop


BitbyBit Stashbuilder Bundles Pink - In Serendipity Woods Shop

and Purples:

Bit By Bit Stashbuilder Bundle Purple in Serendipity Woods Shop

We hope you’ll stay tuned as we introduce more colors throughout the coming months to support you with your favorite scrappy projects.

(and yes – now that YOUR doobies are all rolled – I can now get a move on sewing again to create something scrappy to share from MY doobies too!)

Happy Scrappy New Year Quilting, Friends –





3 thoughts on “Have Scraps? Need Scraps!

  1. Oooo I love this idea. They look so cute all rolled up, and they’re even cuter all together.

    I have been quilting for 27 years (sewing since I was 4). I have a ton of scraps and it’s so overwhelming when I look at all of them. I didn’t have a cutting system for my scraps when I finished a project, so my goal is to start cutting them into useable pieces. My best friend’s mother in law passed away, and she inherited her Accuquilt system. She said it could be mine, too, so I have been adding dues to the collection. I think we have everything we need to start cutting scraps.

    What I really need are some low volume prints to work with all of my other colors. I’ll keep checking your shop to see when (or if) you have a set of those.

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