Things I like, A New Bundle, and Staying on Track

It’s Tuesday. I like Tuesdays. For starters, I like them most because it means Monday is behind me (which often means I’m at least somewhat caught up after the weekend) and I still have the whole week to accomplish things. It’s also January and I like Januarys for the exact same reasons I like Tuesdays, except replace ‘Monday’ with ‘December’ and ‘week’ with ‘year.’ I like writing an awful lot too but if I’m being completely honest, I haven’t spent much time writing since I’m SEW busy sewing and shipping fabric to lovely people all over the world (which I also like very much too!).

So now that the first few Tuesdays of this great month of January are behind me, and yesterday – MONDAY – is behind me too so I feel a little caught up from the weekend – I’m here to catch up and ahead!

First, look at my new organizational tool:

Not the neatest today, but my new whiteboard now hangs directly across from my desk and I LOVE it for how graciously it’s helping me stay on task these days.  Ooh. I even see things I can cross off since I snapped this photo early this morning! Am I the only one who sometimes adds things to my list that I’ve just finished but weren’t on my list, JUST so I can cross them off my list?

Second, a glimpse of a new quilt top I was able to get assembled over the weekend:

Made with Amelie Scott’s Bundle of 10 Pattern , it’s with our latest Happy Scrappy Bundle™ called Sea Glass.

Lastly, speaking of our latest bundle – Announcing:

It’s been buzzing around my head for ages to create a Sea Glass Bundle . While I can’t say I ever remember discovering sea glass along a beach, I always dreamed I’d find some in pretty colors for making a collection. 

There’s a kit for the quilt top above too, that specifically uses the fat 16th bundle and Moda  Grunge Vanilla for the background.

Though I’m usually inclined to whip up my quilts in a free motion frenzy of swirls because always feel like I need to be in a hurry to finish them, This time, I’m taking my time straight line stitching with Gretchen. She’s my Pfaff 1475cd who’s been with me since my kids were small. I JUST love how evenly she sews. 

Third (and last), I’ve been writing this post throughout my whole day, amongst a zillion other things. Tuesday is almost over. So is January – but I’ve got a whole year ahead for writing – If I just keep putting it on my new white board every week…on Tuesday…even when it’s February.


I think maybe I’ll try to make this Tuesday gig a habit. I should at least have the quilting part of my Sea Glass quilt done to share by next Tuesday, maybe even the binding – especially if it stays on my white board until it’s done, that is.

What else is on my list? To make something from Annabel Wrigley’s Maribel – due in any day now.  I. Can’t. Wait. 🙂

Cheers and Happy Sewing,






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