And Sometimes You’re in the Game with Both Feet…

…running with the wind at your back and the road ahead is straight and long, at least for the moment!

You may remember last week’s post when I shamefully shared that I had just not managed to get my Be My Neighbor sew along block finished in time to for my Monday post, in time to share it along with the Block 4 Blueprints. WELL. Guess who had an extraordinarily productive week last week?


Not only did I get block 4 finished…

Block 4 – Moda Be My Neighbor sew along.

…I got lots of other great things finished too! Before I get too far ahead – my Grunges of choice for block 4 above are as follows:

Peacoat 30150 353, Papaya Punch 30150 323, Teaberry 30150 329, and Bachelor 30150 342

I also finished this week’s block:

Block 5, Moda Be My Neighbor sew along.

For my Block 5 Grunges, I used:

Aruba 30150 337, Gris 30150 278, and Rocacco 30150 322

The Block 5 Blueprints are next (and before you ask – I shall encourage you with all the warmth of a joyful embrace to also create the little applique bird if you feel so moved, but I didn’t – so I didn’t!) :


What else did I get finished, you ask? Well, besides catching the season premier of of Poldark on PBS…have I mentioned I’m a giant fan of period films and programming, especially British period films and programming, and also Public Television? Yep, once upon a time I may not have shared such guilty pleasures of mine out loud, but now I say –


the best thing about aging is just learning to say:  This is me ~  Love me or leave me!

Anyone remember Who’s the Boss? Mmm hmm. I love goofy, nerdy 80s TV too. I also just updated my iPhone, so now I have easy GIF capabilities. My friends and family LOVE me for this (probably not). Either way, what I most love about GIFs is that it’s a little like using my hands when I talk (which happens constantly) or at the very least, lets me share a silly thought or feeling that is associated with either the expression on my face as I type, or a memory I have of something I’m reminded of. At any rate – GIFs rock. Don’t you agree?

Oh – we were talking about other things I got done this week.  Fabric things:

How about some Happy Scrappy MODERN Stacks
…aaaaand some Happy Scrappy Modern Design Jelly Rolls

Yep, I made some Mini Stacks too,


and hope to get those listed before day’s end.

Lastly, my extraordinary peace is that I was also able to get a few more blocks ahead for the Be My Neighbor sew along, which will be AWESOME, since Quilt Market is coming very soooooon!

All that and I almost forgot to say – Happy Monday! I hope your week is great 🙂



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